Graduate Student Researchers

PhD Students: Completed Dissertations

Meryleen Mena: “Women Detained: Justice and Institutional Violence in São Paulo’s Criminal Justice System.” Dissertation funding: Ruth Landes Award. Dissertation Completion: November 2018 (Current: Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows Program)

Jason Scott: “Pacified Inclusion: Security Policy, Social Networks, and Rio de Janeiro’s Favelas.” Dissertation funding: Fulbright Hayes DDRA. Dissertation Completion: May 2018. (Current: Instructor, Peace and Conflict Studies Program at CU Boulder)

Kate Fischer: “The Ends of Coffee: State, Work, and Identity in Post-CAFTA Costa Rica.” Dissertation funding: Ruth Landes Award. Dissertation Completion: December 2014. (Current: Faculty, Honors RAP, CU Boulder)

Magdalena E. Stawkowski: “’Radioactive Knowledge’: State Control of Scientific Information in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan.” Dissertation and Postdoctoral Funding: IREX, Postdoctoral Fellow at CIS, Stanford University. Dissertation Completion: August 2014. (Current: Assistant Professor, Tenure Track Faculty, University of South Carolina)

Christopher Morris: “The Social Life of an African Medicine: Labor, Lawfare, and Authority in the Umckaloabo Extractive Industry.” Dissertation and Postdoctoral Funding: SSRC, NSF. Dissertation Completion: May 2014. (Current: Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track Faculty, George Mason University)

Colleen Scanlan Lyons: “Local Politics in a Global Hotspot: Environmentalists, Farmers, Quilombolas, and Nativos in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.” Dissertation Funding: NSF, Fulbright-Hays 2005. Dissertation Completion: May 2010. (Current: Project Director, Governor’s Climate and Forests Task Force)

Angela Thieman: “Making Fun: How Urban Black Girls Craft Identity.” Dissertation Completion: August 2007. (Current: Founder, Rocky Mountain Survivors Center, Senior Instructor, Engineering Leadership Program, CU Boulder)

Joanna Mishtal: “Contradictions of Democratization: The Politics of Reproductive Rights and Policies in Postsocialist Poland.” Dissertation and Postdoctoral Research Funding: ACLS Dissertation Fellow, Fulbright Fellow, Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Devaney Fellow, Postdoctoral Fellowship at Columbia University. Dissertation Completion: August 2006. (Current: Tenured Faculty, Professor, University of Central Florida)

Susan Erikson: “Prenatal Diagnostic Technologies in Germany: Ideologies and Histories of Reproductive Health Surveillance.” Dissertation Funding: Wenner-Gren, NSF. Dissertation Completion: August 2001. (Current: Tenured Faculty, Professor, Simon Fraser University)

PhD Students: In-Progress Dissertations

Wynfield, Anna (Third-Year PhD)

MA Students: Completed Masters’ Projects

Arielle Milkman “Water Rights and Poverty in Outer Lima, Peru” (May 2017)

Lindsay Ofrias “Who Owns the Environment and What Should They Do With It? Oil Conflicts in the Ecuadorian Amazon” (December 2013)

Mirna Tufekcic “NGOs in Post-Conflict Bosnia” (May 2012)

Rachel Fleming (Chancellor’s Fellow, with Distinction, May 2009)

Magda Stawkowski: “Polish Repatriation from Kazakhstan in Postsocialist Soviet Union” (with Distinction, May 2007)

Carey Scheerer Stanley: “HIV/AIDS and Identity Formation Among Garifuna Adults” (with Distinction, May 2007)

Colleen Scanlan Lyons: “Farmers and Environmentalists in Brazil’s Mata    Atlantica” (April 2004)

Joanna Mishtal: “Reproductive Politics in Poland” (May 2002)

Angela Thieman: “Youth Culture” (April 2001)

Sharon Alexander: “Romer v. Evans and the Colorado Amendment 2 Controversy: The Rhetoric and Reality of Sexual Orientation Discrimination in America”  (April 2001)