Undergraduate Honors Students

Sabela Vasquez-Rey: “Where the Wild Things Roam: A Social Study of Wildlife and Conservation Management in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal and Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge” (summa cum laude, 2020)

Clara Geoghegan: “Wandering Disease: A Cultural Survey and Epidemiological Study of Tuberculosis in Migrant Agricultural Workers” (magna cum laude, 2019)

Anneliese Geneaver Wilson: “‘Survivor Gene’: Navigating Survivorship and the Strong Black Woman among African-American Breast Cancer Survivors in Los Angeles, CA” (summa cum laude, 2016)

Kelsey Grace Spalding: “Quick Fixes, Getting High, and the Pharmaceutical Student” (magna cum laude, 2016)

Claire McFadyen: “The Price of Progress: Community Attitudes and Risk Perceptions of Obscure Energy Production Practices in the U.S” (summa cum laude, 2012)

Anna K. Hermann: “Medicalized Childbirth: The Politics and Social Implications of Pitocin Use During Labor (summa cum laude, 2012)

Lissa Marie Gutierrez: “Parentified Children and Nutrition Among Second Generation Mexican Americans” (summa cum laude, 2010)

Maia Nicole McPherson: “Spaces of Image Construction: The Public, The Private, and the Homeless in Boulder, Colorado” (summa cum laude, 2008)

Claire Boyce: “Motherhood in the Time of AIDS: Discourse and the Effect of Perinatal HIV Prevention on HIV Positive Women” (magna cum laude, 2006)

Rebecca Pallas: “The Discourses of Development Among the Mapuche After Pinochet” (summa cum laude, 2005)

Morgen Warner: “Power and the Body: Abortion in Argentina” (summa cum laude, 2004)

Rosia Warner: “Unethical Ethics: An Anthropological Study of AZT Clinical Trial Compliance with Research Regulations: A Global Study” summa cum laude, 2004

Eli Elinoff: “Reversing the Flow: Rethinking Globalization, Modernity, and Community Rights in Thailand” (magna cum laude, 2002)

Zachary Mack “Coffee Dreams: An Ethnographic Case Study of Globalization on a Costa Rican Coffee Cooperative” (summa cum laude, 2002)

Jeff Garmany: “Hope vs. Reality for Working Class Children in Northeast Brazil” (magna cum laude, 2002)

Caitlin O’Connor: “Ending Rape: An Evaluation of Rape Prevention Education” (magna cum laude, 2000)

Milena Marchesi: “The Lega Nord: A Study in Identity Construction” (summa cum laude, 1997)

Amy Mayhew: “Ethnographic Study and Analysis of the Practice of Clairvoyance at the First Spiritual Science Church of Denver” (summa cum laude, 1997)

Maya Delgado: “Absence of Oppression?: Lesbians in Nazi Germany” (summa cum laude, 1997)

Michael McCartt: “Education and Cultural Change in Papua New Guinea” (summa cum laude, 1997)

Jen Sarché: “Building Bridges for Peace: Non-violent Conflict Management in Action” (summa cum laude, 1996)

Joshua Brody: “The Culture of Day Care: A Study of the Hazel Day Care Program” (magna cum laude, 1995)

Tanya Thunberg: “Body Consciousness in American Culture” (cum laude, 1995)